Letter From the Owner

Hello, I am Darrell Jones, owner of Jones Seed Company. Since 1978, we have been very blessed by the good Lord with customers like you. My wife, Connie, and I started in the garage of our home mixing birdseed in trash cans and selling to local parakeet breeders. Now, Jones Seed Company sells birdseed in all 50 states and employs 20+ people. I used to think that I would see the full development of Jones Seed Company, but with customers like you we keep on growing. We are proud to serve you and welcome the growth!

Connie and I have two daughters (Michelle and Melissa), two sons-in-law (Shean and Shawn), and six grandkids. We are proud to announce that Melissa has taken an interest in the business, and maybe Michelle will after her children leave her an empty nest. Thank you once again for helping us make our dream come true!

Our Mission

Jones Seed Company wants the very best for you and your birds. Whether you're a commercial bird breeder or just a typical owner of these special pets, our goal is to provide absolute confidence in the superior nutritional value of Brooks Brand Seeds. It's important to us that when you see the shine in their eyes and the vitality in their movements you appreciate the years of careful study we've put into these blends. We have such confidence in our Brooks Brand Seeds that we offer a full-satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

Jones Seed Company prides itself on being an industry leader in quality. Our past has been one of innovation, diversification, and expansion as we sought better seeds and blends, as well as customer service improvements. We continually watch for special feeding needs faced by commercial bird breeders. We search for special problems encountered by owners of exotic birds. We research ways to offer that “little extra” in our exotic and wild bird blends that will guarantee a happier, healthier bird.